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Surveillance Camera with AI based software

With AI Surveillance, the burden of running an internal CCTV security service is eliminated.

We combine diligence and cutting-edge technology to offer practical and clever solutions that make our clients’ environments safer.

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Video cameras in stores have become commonplace. Additionally, despite the fact that a lot of us are worried about the privacy concerns that the expansion of video surveillance brings, we must not overlook the advantages that come with this technology.
The presence of CCTV cameras deters theft by alerting potential burglars to the possibility of arrest.
Many private businesses believe security cameras are the most effective way to ensure safety and reduce the possibility of loss and damage because they cannot afford private security.
Certain significant and notable occurrences could be missed or overlooked since these systems demand the whole focus and concentration of human workers.
This is precisely where artificial intelligence (AI) enters the picture and assists businesses in upgrading their video security to the next level.

What is Artificial Intelligence and how is it used in surveillance?

The simulation of human intelligence by machines is known as artificial intelligence (AI). Data is used by artificial intelligence systems to find trends, forecast the future, and take appropriate action.

Since AI can automate operations with high accuracy, increased speed, and lower costs, it has become incredibly popular and used extensively in practically every area, including security.

In surveillance, AI functions in a similar manner. On previously recorded video footage from security cameras, machine learning (ML) algorithms are taught to detect, classify, and recognize various objects, as well as to identify people.

It is feasible to automate visitor tracking, restricted object identification, employee monitoring, and other crucial tasks by integrating such Store Republic Software solutions into the business’s security system.

Build scalable video surveillance systems

Create video surveillance systems with the number of IP cameras from 1 to more than 10.000 with Store Republic. Calculate server hardware requirements for your project.


Brain Code Video Analytics

Face Detection

Smoke and Fire Detection

People Counting

People Counting in Queue

PTZ Camera Control

Shelf Fullness Check

Face Recognition

Personnel Monitoring

Suspect Search

Audio Stream Processing

Fisheye Dewarping


Abandoned Object Detection

Loud Sound Detection

Heat Map


License Plate Recognition

Sabotage Detection

Video Management Software and Analytics

• Unlimited scaling to any number of cameras and servers
• Lifetime floating license
• Wide range of video analysis modules
• Free face recognition
• Free updates and technical support
• User-friendly interface

Our Camera extra feature is we can provide you customize view with a lot of AI integrated features. Our Partner world largest AI service provider Eocortex. Who can serve us any kind of AI system integration with your Camera as your desire.

Our integrated IP Camera systems can be linked to your alarm, access control and intercom systems with standard protocols to provide full security coverage. We can also extend your existing system or upgrade it with our affordable smart solutions. Our IP Camera products have been tested and specified for variety of sites and users.

Setup & Maintenance 


We setup video cameras from different popular brands like Hikvision , Dahua , Armor and many more.
We will provide full maintenance & Setup support for Hardware and Software.
For more information please call us : +8801758068531 & +8801735006713 or
email: contact@storerepublic.com

Use Store Republic IP Camera Software for any industry

Store Republic IP Camera Software is being used to ensure safety and increase process efficiency in more than 20 industries.

  • Easy to try, set up and configure
  • Easy to connect, integrate, upgrade and expand
  • Easy to use, manage, get support and modify
  • Our Experienced Engineer will give you full support

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Store Republic | Web Design, Web Development, Domain, Hosting, Server Services Provider Company
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Store Republic | Web Design, Web Development, Domain, Hosting, Server Services Provider Company


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